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GreenSOIL-NPK is an excellent soil conditioner for any sandy soils, and for higher value crops such as vegetables, fruits, potatoes, alfalfa, corn etc.

GreenSOIL-NPK has two methods of holding fluids and plant nutrients.
The first is by "absorption". It will absorb up to 55 % of its weight in water or other liquids. Water, ammonium (nitrogen), and other plant nutrients that are held in this position are loosely held and are water-soluble. GreenSOIL NPK offers a drought insurance program. In sandy soils where the water permeates through the growth zone to the aquifer, it will hold the water in the growth zone.

The second method is absorption by cation exchange (measured as cation exchange capacity or “CEC”). holds cations such as ammonium (nitrogen), potassium, calcium, and other plant nutrients within the mineral lattice where it is not water- soluble. However, the cations and plant nutrients are plant accessible on a plant demand basis.

GreenSoil-NPK Composition
Silicon Si
Aluminium Al
Sodium Na
Calcium Ca
Manganese Mn
Iron Fe
Nitrogen N
Phosphorus P
Potassium K
zink Zn

Physical Form : Powder, 0-1 mm
Color: Ivory - brownish

Advantages of using GreenSoil-NPK
It reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation by up to 35%.
releases nutrients gradually (Typically, 30 to 35 % of the conventional nitrogen fertilizers leach directly to the water table where they cause pollution of the aquifer). Thereby farmers can save upto 35% on their purchasing on NPK
donor of trace elements Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn, Mo through out the growing period.
binds heavy metals in its lattice, reducing their content in crops
adjusting the soil pH - neutral zone
By improving the soil and ensuring better nutrient uptake farmers will experince higher output of crops upto 35%, and the health of the turf and root system is visual, at the same time they will use less irrigation water, fertilisers and fungicides.