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Greenfeed is a technological optimized feed additive.
By using our special production techniques, we are able to secure the highest standard of feed additive with the best overall performance and binding capabilities compared to similar products.

Greenfeed consist mainly of a natural material with a unique structure and composition that gives it a very large surface area and high ion exchange capacity. The material was formed millions of years ago and derives from the lava in the many volcanic eruptions that took place in many parts of Europe. These exceptional events created the basis of our raw material and by combining our superior selection and activation process we are capable of optimizing the natural binding capacity and improve the performance of our special feed additive

• Is 100 % natural material that is free from molds and bacteria (a danger in products of plant origin)
• Safe product for animal nutrition: regular quality checks (heavy metals, dioxins, PCB, microbiology), free from GMOs and products of animal origin.
• If stored correctly it is stable during the whole duration of storage with no degradation over time.

Greenfeed in the production of ready feed
In the production of animal feed the quality of the raw material can change, resulting in poor quality of feed. This will affect the relation to farmers that are more likely to change to other brands.

By using Greenfeed producers will secure more stability in the production of their products, and ensure happy farmers.