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The harvested grain or corn is stored for shorter or longer time before it is used or sold. During storage, there are basically three hazards:

- Fungi, which grow at a relative humidity above 75%. This means that if the grain is aired, one can avoid fungi and toxins build up in the grain.

- Pests which must requires a certain heat and moisture to develop. For example in Denmark the grain weevil develop a generation of one month at 25 ° C, whereas it takes 6 months at 12 ° C.

- Breathing. The cores are organic materials, which uses oxygen and energy for breathing. The product is CO² and water. Breathing increases with temperature. Faster breathing leads to self-heating.

Biosens measure temperature and relative humidity every 15 minutes, and the collected data is available at any time from the mobile phone, iPad or computer. Biosens is thus optimal to monitor and document that drying and cooling is performed correctly. The documentation can also be us as documentation for any buyer.

Biosens sensors are placed in the 2 meter long stainless steel skewers, with 2 sensors in each skewer. The spears are of course wireless, with batteries that the user can switch.

Biosens is a safe and easy way to optimize the quality of seeds, while the uncertaintees of manual labor is reduced.