Improve your crops

GreenSoil improves your Soil so the crops benefits better from fertilizers and irrigation

Improved health and growth!

GreenFeed helps you optimize the Feed Conversion Rate by neutralizing toxins in the feed.

Danish sludge treatment systems

Handles septic waste, and turns human liquid waste into a ressource

Let the sun shine - at night!

10 years experience in all solar powered streetlight solutions

Agriculture - a danish specialty

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Denmark. Although only 1 in 50 works in the industry much more food are produced than needed and the agriculture accounts for around 20% of the total Danish export.
Being highly automated, Denmark also have a highly specialized industry supporting the industry and offering specialized machines and materials which are also exported.
It is our goal to export the fitting technologies to Easyafrica along with the needed knowhow.

Cleantech - Improve life and environment

An important foundation for growth and sustainale urbanisation are infrastructure - not least in the waste management area.
Denmark has a number of waste and cleantech companies - and DanGreen Group are bringing the most efficient and practical solutions to Eastafrica to support the current rapid development in the societies.

Solar technologies - energi of the future

Solar technology is one of the most obvious leapfrogging technologies for East Africa. Establishing street lights without having to install a complete grid, decentralized water pumps, treatment plants and so on, will dramatically reduce costs of building infrastructure.
We supply solutions for:
- Pumps
- Irrigation
- Streetlights
- Power generation